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Monday, June 15, 2020

You never Know...

So I got a request for some baby shower cards and wow my mind went in all directions.  First, is it a boy or a girl?  Do you want animals, ie, elephants, pandas, teddy bears?  Do you have a name picked out.  When you think about it, there are so many details that you could incorporate to make the card so personal to the Mother-to-be. Remember it is all about her considering what she is about to go thru and the precious life she is bringing into today's world.  Precious babies deserve hand made love.  The following are a couple ideas I started with and I will post the final card the mom chose.  Thank you for letting a little bit of me be a part of your special time in life.

I just had to play with this design  I haven't coloring in yet and had guessed at the time of the color not knowing if boy or girl. I will complete this card and replace it here.
There are so many variations to the baby outfit.  This is a romper but it is similar to the Onesie.  Both of these cards have a pattern impressed into the card stock to give it a dressy look and feel then of course I had to add doilies to the trim. The yellow is the back side to show the bumm.  So Cute.

Okay so ignoring the fact that I am in my night gown (which is most of the time) I wanted to actually show how this card worked.  Watch the video and check it out. It really was simple but is so different from anything else.

Okay, Im not gonna lie, I found this adorable idea on Pinterest.  I used the supplies I had on hand and LOVE it.  I hope the Mommy does too because making 15 of these will be a snap.  If they chose cards from me it will automatically come with a Thank you card as well for the same price so that is double product for the money.  Hand Made is really the best.  (personal opinion but dont challenge me on it you will lose. lol.)

Thank you Cards Completed. 

Keep on Stampin On...

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