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About Me

Hi my name is Janice and I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator in Florida. My story goes back a little ways. I had never even been to a Stampin Up! demonstration or workshop before I decided this is for me. I was an introvert to the extreme at the time. In 1996, my friend sent me a card and explained she made it. It blew me away. I knew she was creative but to do that, no way. She laughed and explained its Stamping. I convinced her to sign and I would sign under her. LOL. I was hooked. I purchased my kit in August 1996 and was so intimitated by it that it sat for months. Finally, I thought, I had better not waste that money so I took it out and taught myself. 

I went to the school my son was in kindergarten for and shared with some of the teachers and faculty. I did a home show scared to death and the hostess said just relax we wont hurt you. When that party closed at 150. I was so excited and shocked. The stamps really did sell themselves. 

My family moved to Hawaii and one of my new neighbors said "oh you do Stampin' Up!, I want a party." and the rest took off. I had 3 recruits and a calender full. I couldn't believe it. At that moment I found my voice. I grew confident and loved my new venture. 

My family moved back to the mainland and I decided to go back to school. So I took 10 years off and resigned up in November 2015. This time just for the hobby and the discount on some fun fun toys. 

There is no way I could tell you how much Stampin Up! and the creative outlet has changed my life. I have since divorced. Stampin Up! would never let me down. My sons and (newly adopted) daughter support me in every way possible. They help with videos. They critic my cards, and help with packaging when needed. 

I am so very very Blessed.