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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Not just for the Beginner

Have you thought about checking out this creative outlet.  Did you know that there are kits that you could play with to find out if "Stamping" is for you.  Stampin Up!  put together a brochure that has several kits of all themes for the beginning stamper.  It is a great way to purchase at a reasonable price a set that includes all the supplies you might need.  Now you could of course accessorize but it is not necessary.  I downloaded the flyers and brochure for you to take a look at.  Just click the set that looks like your style and see what you can create. 

Are you new to stamping.  Are you curious what the creative outlet is all about.  Stampin Up! put together a beautiful brochure that give you a step in the direction to sample.  The kits shown in the beginning brochure show a variety of styles and each kit has all the supplies you should need to put together a collection of cards that you can make your very own style.  Easy Steps.

Keep on Stampin on...

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